5 reasons why you will become N°1 Local TV Station!

Today, audience expects the same level of experience with a local TV as with any other platform. Local TV have to provide great content, really good image quality with – very often – a smaller team and less resources.

Let’s see why Quortex I/O can help you become the N°1 local TV.

  1. With our solution, your team only needs to create streams and manage them from a single one stop-shop. Everything is included, even the statistics about your streams (your videos are not sent to the universe with no possibility to check on them) and also stats about your audience. Also with Quortex I/O you can manage different channels (and streams) at the same time and manage several “TVs” from one account.
  2. Our platform is really easy to manage, with a very good User Experience. We even give you the possibility to test it with a $200 budget and play with the tool, discover all its features (the business rules are just insane, nothing like that on the market!)
  3. We are here to support you. Our support team is a 100% engineer team – internal and really 200% customer focused. We are available by chat, phone and with lots of support on line (Customers’ feedback is that our support database is just impressive ! – Check it here – and we also propose a 24/7 support plan for a total peace of mind 😉)
  4. With all the above-mentioned elements, one might think that this solution is gonna cost more than competition. That’s just the opposite! There are 2 mains factors for that:
    1. Our streaming technology is based on the Just-In-Time concept. This means that streams will be produced and managed only on demand (if someone requests the file).This has a huge impact on the costs as we won’t produce things for nothing. In the same idea as we would not let the light on in the room where there is nobody. We just switch the light on when we enter the room. And no, there is no impact on the latency. Our performance is just great!
    2. The second reason is that our patented technology uses the cloud in a smart way – with spot instances. The idea behind is that there are some spots left unused by others that we rent to the cloud provider (with no issue on security, nor scalability) and that we get these spots for a much cheaper price. This positive result on costs is impacted to the price you pay. Our prices are much cheaper but also transparent and available upfront (See our cost estimator on line).
  5. A second consequence of our Just-in-Time concept and the fact that we don’t produce anything that won’t be used, is the green effect. And there is an emergency for the planet here. People care and will really appreciate to know that you can reduce drastically the impact of the TV streaming by using technology which was created from the beginning with this positive impact on the environment. Check our Green Page to get more.

This long speech could be easily replace by a demo video or a live demo: contact us! 😉


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