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CDN as a Service



1. Build as you grow

The Quortex solution is fully adaptive to your exact needs. As you add news channels, new users, new profiles, new processing functions, the system will automatically scale out or scale in, on your private infrastructure or in any public cloud.

2. Bring Your Own Bricks (BYOB)

Nothing is static in our full micro-service architecture. Want to use your favorite transcoder ? Your own HDR converter ? A third-party packager ? Or even add watermarking in the delivery workflow ? This is absolutely possible, and this is totally seamless for your end users.

3. Launch new channels in a snap

In case you have an event to launch, all you have to do is declare its access point on our system. Everything else is done automatically, on the fly. If you lack CPU resources in your private infrastructure, our system will offload the extra cycles to your preferred public cloud provider. Focus on what matters!

4. Reduce Operation hassles

At Quortex, we believe that a modern, scalable, distributed solution is incompatible with a centralized management system. Hence, our solution does not need any. This dramatically simplifies the whole delivery workflow and avoids any Single Point Of Failures along the chain.

5. Enter the Metrics

Metrics are reported by all the functions that are part of the workflow. You can access all these metrics and build your own dashboard based on it, and you can even inject your own metrics to drive our system.

6. Control your CDN costs

We know that your CDN costs can get totally out of control in case of unexpected audience on some of your events. Your viewers may even go blackout in case the CDN infrastructure was undersized. Because we process everything on the fly, we have the unique ability to adjust the profiles and the output CDN traffic whilst maintaining the same user experience.