Build Content Delivery Networks 4.0

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1. Leverage your infrastructure

There are huge benefits in merging the video headend and the CDN: the profiles that you are delivering will perfectly match the network dynamics and the player capabilities, allowing you to deliver the best Quality of Experience. Our architecture was designed using CDN technologies and can be integrated into existing systems, or be used for greenfield deployments.

2. Bring Your Own Bricks (BYOB)

Nothing is static in our full micro-service architecture. Want to use your favorite transcoder ? Your own HDR converter ? A third-party packager ? Or even add watermarking in the delivery workflow ? This is absolutely possible, and this is totally seamless for your end users.

3. Your network drives it all

By integrating Quortex into your delivery network, you can make sure you deliver the exact profiles that your audience can receive. Our patented Just-In-Time-Everything technology will adjust the bitrate and resolution,  based on your business rules, seamlessly for your audience. You can also instruct the system to increase the Video Quality based on the number of viewers, or to use less compute resources in case the audience does not match your expectations.

4. Reduce Operation hassles

At Quortex, we believe that a modern, scalable, distributed solution is incompatible with a centralized management system. Hence, our solution does not need any. This dramatically simplifies the whole delivery workflow and avoids any Single Point Of Failures along the chain.

5. Enter the Matrix

Metrics are reported by all the functions that are part of the workflow. You can access all these metrics and build your own dashboard based on it, and you can even inject your own metrics to drive our system.

6. Offer competitive advantages over CDN as a Service

By offering a network/user driven compression policy, you can ensure an unrivaled Quality of Experience for your end users, that a 3rd party CDN will never be able to propose.