M6 Group selects Quortex I/O to stream its digital radio services

French media company to use Quortex I/O SaaS offering to expand its radio streaming reach globally

M6 Group, a powerful French plurimedia group offering a broad range of programmes, products and services, has today announced that it has selected Quortex to stream its radio services throughout the world, using the Quortex I/O SaaS offering. Alongside its strong standing  in the TV and video industry, M6 is the leader in  the French private radio industry, with its three radio stations : RTL, RTL2 and Funradio.

Quortex provides an end-to-end, turnkey service, from the mezzanine feed to the end-user, and delivers 55 radio station channels  to millions of listeners, on any kind of device, compliant with HLS.

“Delivering these radio station channels in HLS allows us to reach more devices and more users, but also ensures a better protection and monetization of our streams.” said Valéry Gerfaud, Chief of Digital Innovation Technology, M6 Group. “We choose Quortex because its solution combines the peace of mind of a turnkey SaaS solution and a very deep integration within our existing ecosystem. M6 Group is the first mover in the French market regarding HLS, and we are looking forward to upcoming developments, such as the integration of dynamic ad insertion and content protection,”.

Quortex relies on a patented technological breakthrough, called the “Just-In-Time”, which  offers an unprecedented level of resilience and allows the stream to be adapted on the fly in accordance with the user characteristics.

Marc Baillavoine, CEO of Quortex concluded: “Working with M6 Group is amazing.  They are always investigating new ways of delivering their content, which aligns with our passion for innovation. The Quortex  solution significantly improves the user experience and has great potential to attract new customers, while our Ad Insertion mechanisms also ensures a better monetization of the radio streams.”


About Quortex

Founded in 2018, Quortex changes the live streaming paradigm by introducing “Just-In-Time Everything”, a technology that builds the workflow based on the user demand, not from the content origination. This keeps infrastructure and network costs to a minimum, while dynamically adapting to audience variability. With Quortex I/O, the benefits of that technology are now available as SaaS services to make live TV streaming or live radio streaming simpler than ever. Find out more on https://welcome.quortex.io.

About M6 Group

Founded in 1987 around the M6 TV channel, M6 Group is a powerful French plurimedia group offering a broad range of programs, products and services. These range from television (13 channels including M6) and radio (3 stations including French private no.1 RTL) to production and content buying, digital, e-commerce, cinema, music and live shows. The M6 group has built on its strong brands and content to gradually extend its sphere of operations, through targeted diversifications and innovative offers such as the 6play digital platform, launched in 2013 (25 million registered subscribers, over 1,4 billion video views in 2018). The objective: develop a complementary portfolio of brands that address the needs of different audiences and the new ways they consume content. Find out more at groupem6.fr

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