Just-In-Time advantage

We didn’t start from any existing solution. We developed a cloud-native system that relies on “Just-In-Time Everything”, a stateless technology that builds the workflow based from the user demand, not from the content origination.

This patented system automatically and instantly scales based on the demand.

A (truly) cloud-native architecture

We have designed and built our Cloud Native infrastructure from the ground up with only true cloud principles at the heart of everything we have created and do, ensuring that we dispel the myth that delivering video content in the cloud is both a complex and costly solution. Rather than being a static, monolithic software, our live workflow is a user-centric combination of stateless web services that process segments as independent VOD assets. These web services are only active when processing a user request for a given segment.

Our unique streaming technology: Just-In-Time Everything

Quortex was born from a simple finding: OTT is still delivered today with a traditional architecture, inherited from DTH/DTT/Cable systems. This architecture is in “PUSH” mode: whereby the processing workflow starts from the content origination and goes through every processing function in push mode straight through to the end user. Although this made perfect sense for architecture where the transport link had a fixed, static bandwidth, such an architecture is not relevant for OTT. ​

By design, the Quortex workflow offers a “PULL” model using JiTE:  whereby the end user requests streams from the network, rather than passively being “pushed” on a continuous stream. The ethos of “Just in Time” is also used in many other industries, primarily in manufacturing, whereby various components of a final product are delivered “Just-In-Time” for assembly, thus ensuring there is no wasted stock, storage floor space used and ensuring assembly is at its peak performance. The same principles are provided by Quortex in CPU usage, network bandwidth and video quality.​

Although an extension of “Just-In-Time Packaging”, our system goes much further and extends the concept to all the functions of a traditional headend. Based on CDN technologies, our solution is a natural fit for leveraging the CPU resources that are now populating the Content Delivery Network, down to the network edge.

Magic in video streaming

1. Our stack in 30 seconds

2. How can we massively scale?

3. Seamless update behavior

4. Instant offload

5. Native High Availabilty

6. Cost Efficient without compromise


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