The exact Streaming Solution you need!

We can provide tailor made solutions, based on our technology. We deliver our software either as a software stack or as a managed service. Read the use cases below!

How is Quortex Engine different from Quortex I/O, our SaaS offering?

We believe that our Streaming SaaS solution is an amazing tool for the vast majority of the use cases, and we’ll be happy to include roadmap items for your use-case if need be. But there are situations where the SaaS may not tick all the boxes of your streaming service. In such cases, we can adjust our solutions, on a project basis, to match your expectations.

Whether you are a service provider, a content provider, a telco or a video platform, just ask: we can probably do it!

Example 1: You want our solution to run in your own cloud subscription

If your company has a frame agreement with a given cloud provider, or if your IT has specific requirements in terms of security or account management (IAM), you may want to leverage the Quortex technology and benefits on your own cloud subscription.

Example 2: You have specific features that are not available in the SaaS

Our software stack supports a wider range of features than what we offer in the SaaS. For instance, we support DRM encryption with all the major vendors; we also support Live to VOD and VOD, with incredible benefits in terms of costs; we can be integrated with any CDN; we support server-side ad-insertion; we support any kind of audio/video codecs … Please contact us to learn more!

Example 3: You want to run in your private cluster

You like SaaS so much that you don’t want to share it! We can isolate your cluster and make it absolutely private.

Example 4: You want to leverage DirectConnect/ExpressRoute to ingest your streams

Not a problem! We currently run tons of channels that enter our solution through a dedicated network route. It’s not available in SaaS yet, but we can easily build it for you on a project basis.

Example 5: You want to run on the network Edge

Our software stack is a natural fit for edge use cases, which require lightweight, stateless processing functions. You can deploy our stack in your network.

Example 6: You want to run in a hybrid environment

Have an existing datacenter? Want to use our solution for offloading (be it for Live or VOD), and require an advanced load balancing scheme. You knocked at the right door!

Can’t find what you’re looking for? We can probably do it!


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