Quortex I/O: Live Streaming has never been so simple.

Quortex I/O ingests your live source and will deliver it anywhere globally, in any resolution, with any number of video and audio profiles, and with an unprecedented video quality. Discover more!

Our video streaming Solution

The value proposition of Quortex I/O is absolutely unique. You have a one-stop-shop for streaming your live content, from anywhere, to everywhere. All you have to do is feed the platform with your mezzanine feed (in RTMP or SRT, with your own stream or using our Quortex SRT Gateway), configure the processing in just a few clicks and you’ll be ready to stream throughout the world and reach millions of viewers, while analyzing the success of your streams with our built-in analytics. 

Sit back, relax and enjoy!


  • Ingest from anywhere globally
  • Slate Input
  • RTMP
  • SRT, Caller Mode
  • SRT, Listener Mode
  • CIDR Selection
  • Input stream encryption
  • UDP and RTP input through our SRT Gateway

Success Measurement

  • Viewers per publishing point
  • Average Session duration
  • Total viewing time
  • Number of unique viewers
  • Filter by
    • country
    • configuration
    • input
    • target


  • True Just-In-Time processing: pay only for what your viewers watch!
  • H.264, any number of profiles, up to 1080p60
  • Any combination of framerates and bitrates
  • Automatic Cost Mutualization between profiles
  • AAC audio, any number of profiles
  • Audio tracking per language or per PID
  • Any bitrate/sampling rate
  • DVB Teletext to WebVTT or ISO-ISCM1
  • Any number of subtitles track


  • HLS Support
  • DASH Support
  • Fully configurable playlist depth and segment duration
  • Stream Encryption
  • Reach any device: iPhone, Android, AppleTV, Smart TVs, Tablets, Desktop, …


  • Worldwide delivery through a global CDN
  • Low latency delivery
  • Token Protection
  • Geoblocking

Stream Health

  • Advanced Input monitoring:
    • Lost Packets
    • Input Bitrate
    • Round Trip Time
    • Estimated Bandwidth
  • Advanced stream probing
    • Full TS Analysis​
    • PSI/SI/PID Level

Business Rules

  • Recurrence condition 
  • Stream Time condition 
  • Device condition 
  • Country condition 
  • Header condition
  • Query condition


  • Support for multi-role users inside an organization:
    • Admin: the super-power user​
    • Captain: the stream owner
    • Viewer: to monitor without risk
  • Share your streams with different privilieges to any number of users
  • All the actions are logged in the system

Configuring is really a matter of clicks!

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