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Serverless computing is the grail of a cloud infrastructure: build your services faster; Scale them in a snap; don't bother with the infrastructure; truly pay exactly for what you use. Discover how our Just In Time workflow leverages these new paradigms and brings yet another revolution to the streaming industry.  


Think of a world where each of your subscriber receives its own personalized channel. Where everyone watches its specific mix of your Live content and VOD assets. Where you can finally monetize your streams with targeted ads. Where all of that comes with a continuous, broadcast grade quality of experience. Stop thinking: see it Live!

 3. Just In Time Deployment 

Being multi-cloud and cloud-agnostic should be a no-brainer in 2020. And deploying such workflows should be a 5 minute exercise. You bet ? Let's deploy a workflow together in your preferred cloud and follow the steps from "nothing" to a production system!