Why Quortex I/O?

First of all, you want a simple to use tool.

Plug and play and, more important, play and have a great professional result in a few minutes. You register on Quortex I/O, discover a super efficient user interface, ingest your stream, decide on the processing options and BAM, this is done and ready to share! You can also follow the success of your streams with our built-in server side analytics. With one portal, you can manage several pools and channels.

In case of troubles or questions, our in-house engineer support team is there.

Then, you want the best solution to reply to your customers needs. They want the top premium quality in Prime Time and maybe a bit lower at night (which seems pretty smart ; ) ), you can do that! Quortex I/O’s business rules enable all kinds of possibilities, in matter of quality, geography, devices or time…There is no commitment: you use Quortex I/O one week for a huge event and stop the week after. No subscription fee.

Real freedom!

Quortex I/O true liberty

Also, you choose a solution that fits your values: reliable, secured and greener. With Quortex Just-In-Time concept, no ressource is wasted.

This is like switching on the light when you enter a room and switching it off when you leave but adding the idea that the light quality and intensity will be different for someone cooking or a child reading a book. 

And finally, you don’t get any surprise invoice. You can calculate upfront and benefit from a game-changing pricing that benefits Quortex ability to use Spot Instances for live processing.

These are only a few reasons why you should choose Quortex. And maybe to conclude, let’s add that we are super nice and offer the best coffee in town ; )


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