5 reasons why you will become N°1 Local TV Station!

quortex I/O create the best live streaming experience for local TV

Today, audience expects the same level of experience with a local TV as with any other platform. Local TV have to provide great content, really good image quality with – very often – a smaller team and less resources. Let’s see why Quortex I/O can help you become the N°1 local TV. With our solution, … Read more

The easiest way to create a professional Live Streaming Pop-Up Channel

corporate live events streaming

Live event Pop-Up channels are becoming a great new service that can be provided to their customers by event agencies : broadcasting worldwide the speech of the CEO, streaming a concert, any live event… Events agencies have to become video experts or work with external partners. What if there was another solution? See you Quortex … Read more

How to Live Stream a Video with a Mobile!

live streaming with a mobile and Quortedx I/O

The phenomal rise of video over internet (what we call “Streaming” or “OTT”) over the past few years made your video content king again. Live Streaming became a de-facto standard to attract new people to your web site, to your company or to your products. It’s now possible for businesses of any size, of any … Read more

Finally, NAB!

Quortex team introducing Quortex I/O

Quortex team at NAB, at the convention center of Las Vegas.

Quortex and Motion Spell join forces to deliver best-of-breed DASH streams.

Quortex announced today that they are partnering with Motion Spell, the provider of the GPAC solution, for delivering their live streams at scale. Motion Spell designed a unique software function that fits with the “Just-In-Time Everything” approach of Quortex, and is now used for delivering the DASH streams to all the Quortex customers. “Motion Spell … Read more

beIN MEDIA GROUP Selects Quortex and Cognacq-Jay Image to Stream its Sports Content in the MENA region

Cognacq-Jay Image, a leading service provider in the media industry for playout, head-end, and digital platforms, in partnership with cloud-native live-streaming platform Quortex, has announced that beIN MEDIA GROUP (“beIN”), has chosen Quortex’s technology to provide streaming services for its sports content in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). beIN MEDIA GROUP, the global … Read more

M6 Group selects Quortex I/O to stream its digital radio services

French media company to use Quortex I/O SaaS offering to expand its radio streaming reach globally M6 Group, a powerful French plurimedia group offering a broad range of programmes, products and services, has today announced that it has selected Quortex to stream its radio services throughout the world, using the Quortex I/O SaaS offering. Alongside … Read more

On the streaming market, moving from the “Moore’s Law” to “Bezos Law”

Quortex IT team developing custom solutions

Moore’s Law (from Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel) is a 50+ year old observation that “the number of transistors in a dense Integrated Circuit doubles every two years” (according to Wikipedia). This observation, made in 1965, is still pretty much valid today, as depicted by the figure below: Although purists will stir up scandal, one could rephrase … Read more

How Just-In-Time Redefines the Live Streaming Total Cost of Ownership

Just-In-Time with Quortex

The benefits of running in the cloud are obvious in so many industries: you can focus your business on what brings value to it (rather than managing hardware racks and updating Linux patches); it’s also a proven way of improving flexibility and reducing the time to market for your new services. So, why does it … Read more

One of those IBC Meetings…

IBC 2019

It was the very last IBC meeting. You know, this “Tuesday lunch” meeting type where you would sell anything to get out of the RAI and be freed from the Amsterdam craziness (writing this post, I would now sell anything to taste that craziness again …). It didn’t take long to figure out that this … Read more


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