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Keep your video delivery costs
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Who said the cloud should be expensive?
Our unique usage-based model changes the paradigm. 

Complete end-to-end
cloud video workflows

Ingest your Live Streams, we take care of everything else.
For point-to-point/multipoint primary distribution or for streaming to many over a CDN, we have you backed.

Focus on what matters

Moving operations to cloud can be difficult and incur a lots of hidden costs. Sounds familiar?

Synamedia Quortex has been designed in the cloud from the ground up and delivers your streams in a very reliable and cost-effective manner, without any trade-offs regarding video quality, reliability or latency. Synamedia Quortex doesn’t require any cloud knowledge, but its very intuitive UI and open API make its operation and automation extremely easy.

Stream From Anywhere. To Everywhere

Quortex Play

Just-in-Time Cloud Video Streaming at Scale

Our unique, patented Just-In-Time solution builds video streams on the fly, using your own business rules, and tailored to your viewers’ needs.

Deliver your live streams to millions of people in DASH or HLS, encrypt your content, analyze your success, enable per device encoding, and much more.

Reach millions in seconds.

Monitor your streams with a simple dashboard
A simple way to configure complex things
Play by your own Rules!
Stream from anywhere, to everywhere
Reach any device in a breeze
Monitor the success of your streams
Analytics made simple

Frequently Asked Questions

Quortex is a SaaS platform that enables you to deliver your live streams, using a centralized user interface and API, for point to point, point to multipoint, or streaming based delivery.

Quortex Play is an application of Quortex targeting streaming using HLS or DASH standards. It’s typically used to stream to millions!

Quortex Link is an application of Quortex targeting video delivery from one point to another, using the SRT protocol.

Both Quortex applications base their pricing on exactly what you use. You will pay according to your real usage, and you will be invoiced monthly.

Not at all! Quortex is a true SaaS solution. It runs fully in the cloud and does not require any installation, or any cloud knowledge.

Sure! Just click the “Try for Free” button and you will be granted credits to start immediately!

No. You really pay as you use, with monthly invoices. No minimal volume, no minimum period.

Sure. Even though we are convinced that our solution is bullet proof, we can offer support packages that will fit with your specific needs.

Both! We built out platform to be a perfect fit both for events and for 24/7 cloud delivery. Whilst our Pay As You Go model is a great fit for events, we also built a extremely reliable platform for your 24/7 operations.

Of course! Our API is ready to use and, public, documented and of course, comes at no extra cost.

Sure! Your streams can be ingested from anywhere. We will select the best possible ingest point based on your localization. We use SRT as the input protocol. If you don’t have SRT streams, our multicast to SRT gateway can help for sure!.

You can deliver your streams to any regions of the world! Pricing may differ depending on your target regions, but we make sure your stream always reaches its destination!

Of course. We have different access levels in the organization and you can easily share your channel pools with anyone, in just a click.

VISA, SEPA, Invoice – your money, your call!