Quortex Play

Just-In-Time Cloud Streaming At Scale. Delivering your Live streams to millions has never been so easy, so targeted and so efficient!


Who said the cloud should be expensive?
Using the right technologies make the cloud the most efficient way to deliver your content.


Operate hundreds of streams in a breeze from a central location.
Manage your teams, use the API, operate on the go with our modern web User Interface.


Quortex Play scales with your business and leverages a full Pay As You Go model. Create new live streams in a matter of seconds, and only pay for success.

Close to you and your viewers

Ingest your stream from anywhere globally

We will always ensure we deploy the workflow as closely as possible from your sources to ensure the perfect Quality of Experience.

Our best-in-class delivery network ensures smooth access throughout the world with low latencies.

At a single price.

Quortex I/O input regions
Quortex I/O input regions

Frequently Asked Questions

We only charge for what the platform actually produces. For instance, other platforms will charge for the transcoding, whether you have viewers or not. We will only charge if someone actually watches the stream. More precisely, we will even only charge for the exact profile that are being transcoded!

Out of the box, you can use our built-in CDN to deliver your content to millions of viewers, anywhere globally. But you can also bring your own CDN and use Quortex Play as an Origin.

No. You really pay as you use, with monthly invoices. No minimal volume, no minimum period.

Yes, you can make signficants savings. Contact us to learn more!

Not at all! Quortex is a true SaaS solution. It runs fully in the cloud and does not require any installation, or any cloud knowledge.

Sure! Just click the “Try for Free” button and you will be granted credits to start immediately!

No. You really pay as you use, with monthly invoices. No minimal volume, no minimum period.

Sure. Even though we are convinced that our solution is bullet proof, we can offer support packages that will fit with your specific needs.

Both! We built out platform to be a perfect fit both for events and for 24/7 cloud delivery. Whilst our Pay As You Go model is a great fit for events, we also built a extremely reliable platform for your 24/7 operations.

Of course! Our API is ready to use and, public, documented and of course, comes at no extra cost.

Sure! Your streams can be ingested from anywhere. We will select the best possible ingest point based on your localization. We use SRT as the input protocol. If you don’t have SRT streams, our multicast to SRT gateway can help for sure!.

You can deliver your streams to any regions of the world! Pricing may differ depending on your target regions, but we make sure your stream always reaches its destination!

Of course. We have different access levels in the organization and you can easily share your channel pools with anyone, in just a click.

VISA, SEPA, Invoice – your money, your call!

Yes! You can do that on a time basis with our built-in scheduler (at no extra cost)

Input Traffic and Processing traffic will of course be mutualized and you will pay them only once. You will only pay if more viewers watch your stream because HLS and DASH are enabled.

Yes we do. We take DVB-Teletext or DVB-Subtitle in input and we can output WebVTT in HLS and TTML in DASH.

As many as you want. You will only pay for those which are pulled by the end users.

As many as you want, there is no limit. You will only pay for those which are pulled by the end users.

We support HLS and DASH, so that you can reach any device.

You can easily modify some parts of the published URL to make your streams unique!

Yes you can, either using vanilla geoblocking or using more advanced rules. You can for instance block users with a specific device and coming from a specific country, or restrict access to some users for one given input during prime time every day, etc.

Of course not! You can track your audience and measure the success of your live streams, with filters on countries, inputs, devices, …. And at no additional cost!

Sure! Our streams are natively compatible with any players on the market, including open source players such as HLS.js or Shaka player. It takes 10 lines of javascript to integrate our videos in your website!

Yes! We support all the DRM flavors to make sure that your content can only be watched by your selected subscribers.

We support SRT and RTMP. Although we are big SRT fans, RTMP can have advantages in some situations.

Yes we do. We make sure your content will always be delivered, and we offer input redundancy schemes where you can even mix between SRT and RTMP!