Quortex Link

One-Click Cloud Distribution.

Securely and reliably deliver your live content to your partners in point-to-point, or point-to-multi-point, from and to all around the world. Controlling your content delivery has never been simpler!

Cost Optimisation

Move away from costly satellite or dedicated fiber links. Schedule the delivery of your content and pay only for what you really use.


You don’t have any time to waste with a complex Interface – create new secured links in seconds and manage your operations from one single place.


Your content matters. Quortex Link features up to 99.999% availability and allows you to monitor your streams in a snap.

From anywhere, to everyhwere

Close to your content, close to your takers

Benefit from a managed cloud IP backbone, leveraging dozens of points of presence. Easily connect to our cloud platform from anywhere, and let us deliver your content close to your takers with pristine QOS.

You can deliver your content in SRT to one, dozens or hundreds of takers. Latency is kept at its very minimal, with an unprec reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions

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