Quortex Play

Just-In-Time Cloud Streaming At Scale. Delivering your Live streams to millions has never been so easy, so targeted and so efficient!


Who said the cloud should be expensive?
Using the right technologies make the cloud the most efficient way to deliver your content.


Operate hundreds of streams in a breeze from a central location.
Manage your teams, use the API, operate on the go with our modern web User Interface.


Quortex Play scales with your business and leverages a full Pay As You Go model. Create new live streams in a matter of seconds, and only pay for success.

Close to you and your viewers

Ingest your stream from anywhere globally

We will always ensure we deploy the workflow as closely as possible from your sources to ensure the perfect Quality of Experience.

Our best-in-class delivery network ensures smooth access throughout the world with low latencies.

At a single price.

Quortex I/O input regions
Quortex I/O input regions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you say your solution is “Pay As You Stream”?
Can I use my own CDN when using Quortex I/O?
Do you require any commitment to using the platform?
Do you offer additional discounts if I commit to a minimal monthly volume?
Do I have to install any software to use Quortex?
Can I test Quortex for free?
Do you offer 24/7 support?
Does it work for events or for 24/7?
Can I use an API for integration with by backoffice and fully automate video delivery?
Can I ingest my streams from anywhere?
What regions can I deliver my streams to?
Do you support different user roles?
What payment methods can I choose?
I’d like to maximise the visual quality during prime time while optimizing the costs at night. Can you do that?
Will I pay more if I have HLS and DASH enabled?
Do you support Subtitles insertion?
How many video profiles can I define?
How many audio tracks can I insert in my streams?
What kind of outputs do you support?
Can I choose the URL of my published streams?
Can I block specific users to access some of my streams?
I’d like to know who is watching my streams. Do I have to use a third party solution?
Can I integrate Quortex video streams in any web page?
Can I protect my streams and restrict my content to selected viewers?
What ingest protocols do you support?
Do you support High Available inputs?